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If you want to brush up on your mental bank of Shakespeare quotes, a stay at The Library Hotel should be more than enough. In fact, you might walk out having an entirely different set of favorite books. Lovers of literature and fans of cozy interiors might want to check into the mahogany-rich hotel along Madison Avenue.

The Hotel

Library Hotel New York

The hotel is uniquely categorized according to the Dewey Decimal System?the last time you heard of which was probably years ago. Each floor is devoted to one of the ten major categories, and each room?s artwork and books reflect a different pursuit. Its innovative system organizes each floor into categories such as science or math, and each room is named after a specific interest?such as anthropology.

The Lobby

Library Hotel New York

Guests will definitely leave knowing more than the moment they first stepped into its rustic interiors, but leaving will certainly be a challenging thing to do. The 1912 interiors feature a mix of tapestries and terracotta, and now showcase fully refurbished spaces. Complimentary breakfast and evening wine and cheese are served for free on the hotel?s living room.


Library Hotel New York

The hotel's staff will gladly point out favorites in the area, and exhibit an impressive mastery of the hotel?s innovative system. Go ahead, check what interests you, and end up seeing New York City and the Dewey Decimal System in a different light.


Library Hotel New York

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